Precious Metals Summit, September 2017

Precious Metals Summit, September 2017

Metals Investor Forum May 2017 - SilverCrest Metals Inc. (Eric Fier)

SilverCrest Metals March 2017 Presentation @ Subscriber Investment Summit

TSXV V50 2017 English LogoSilverCrest Metals Inc. was recognized as a TSX Venture 50TM company in 2017. TSX Venture 50 is a trademark of TSX Inc. and is used under license.

SilverCrest Metals interview with President & CEO Eric Fier and Rob Fuhrman from Katusa Research at VRIC 2017

SilverCrest Metals at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, January 2017

Metals Investment Forum May 2016 - Michael Rapsch

Small Cap Power Interview with Eric Fier at Subscribers Investment Forum
Toronto March 5, 2016.

SilverCrest Metals (TSXV: SIL) CEO: “I See the Rise in the Silver Tide Coming in 2017"


Ellis Martin Report with SilverCrest Metals' Eric Fier
January 20th 2016 - Vancouver BC 


Eric Fier's Presentation from The Subscribers Investment Summit
October 8th 2015 - Vancouver BC 

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